Hela met Sophie one hazy summer way back in 2004, whilst on a completely pointless drawing course that Central Saint Martins suggested you do before starting your Art Foundation. After bonding over Marmite, a few too many evenings at Candybox and the fact they lived in the same halls, the pair were soon firm friends and have lived together ever since. Hela did a BA in Jewellery Design (where she mainly spent her time making anything but jewellery) and Sophie did one in Theatre Design. This is where Bridget comes into the story. Bridget had cannily evaded the Saint Martins administrators and smuggled her way onto Sophie’s course, despite being just 17-years-old at the time. Sophie was initially intimidated by both Bridget’s dazzling youth and her thick Scottish accent and so gave her a wide berth for a bit. Luckily Bridget soon lost both these things and the two were able to get acquainted. In 2008, the summer of their graduation, Bridget informed Sophie that she would be moving into her house whilst she was homeless. It was at this time the three realised that they probably should start to do some kind of work, as they were technically fully-grown adults now and also they were no longer getting regular student loan instalments. And so, not to be down-heartened by graduating into one of the worst economic crises in the past thirty years, our tireless heroines set about as one to find work in the noble field of set design and art direction, and SETS APPEAL was born.

And the rest, as they say, is history...



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